Are you experienced with Temples or other S+ events? I invite you to enjoy your evening together with a small selected group of curious, open-hearted, experienced, and still humble Beings who are curious to continue learning, exploring, playing, and connecting.

Are you one of them? Join us!

This is a unique, juicy, and 4,5 - 6 hr Temple night experience. An opportunity to continue exploring and to feel what it’s like to touch deeper into your sensuality and yourself, expanding your capacity to connect with other like-spirit beings.

🍒 It's a touch, body, and sex-positive space. An experience where slowness and acceptance to BE where you are in that moment is promoted. There are no expectations and no pressure as you will design your flow and experience.

Experience level:
(people only who are experienced in Temples, S+or consent events (clubbing doesn't count)

If you don't have these experiences - please register for a Temple suitable for beginners.

If tickets become unavailable at some point, join the WAITING LIST: (wait until I reach out to you if it is a yes and spots become available again)

★★★★★ “I felt that I could exactly do what I wanted to do (or not wanted to do), while being present in my feelings and clear in my boundaries.” - Anna


While in our society we learned to focus on the goal (intercourse and orgasm), we will promote slowness and focus on foreplay and inclusiveness during intimate interactions.
While often in daily life some of us don't have the patience or simply time to expand into longer foreplay, this will be the space to take time, take space for all that is sometimes skipped. More touch, slowness, kink.
Sex positivity, expression, and creativity are very celebrated here and it has many colors and shades. Which doesn't mean we focus on sex. If you come from a different scene, please note that.

(In case you come from a different Sex positive events background)

A Sensual Temple event is a mindful gathering of people interested in the art of human connection, personal and societal growth, and slow, conscious sexuality. The term "temple" is used to emphasize the sacred nature of this space, inviting participants to regard their bodies and sexuality as sacred. Together, we create a safe, sacred environment to explore sensuality, intimacy, soft kink and meaningful connections. Engaging in practices to awaken the senses, deepen self-connection, and foster group unity, we aim to enhance pleasure and intimacy. At those type of events, our priorities include consent, prioritizing meaningful connections over casual encounters, and respecting personal boundaries. It's a space to explore oneself in a social and intimate context, offering an opportunity for reflection and learning from such experiences.

Sex Positivity & Sex

"Sex-positive" is an attitude and philosophy that promotes a healthy and affirming view of human sexuality. It encompasses several
key principles (Sexual Freedom, Consent, Body Positivity, Diversity and Inclusivity, Education, Breaking Stigmas and taboos, Feminism and Empowerment, Sexual Health, Pleasure activism, etc.) Sex-positive events do not guarantee or force you into any type of sexual engagement.


Any human who is er0tically sensitive with their entire body not only in the conventionally understood er0genic zones - needs more sensual touch throughout the entire body.

In the book "Women Magic School" I read, that cis men and cis women very often are having sex in a preferred way/style of a cis man. This is how it "always" was and for most still is. Thanks to our history plus the "education" through p0rn. No wonder so many cis women cannot have an orgasm (~50%) or penetrative orgasm which is so loaded with performance pressure for both genital owners.

The body of a human which is highly orgasmic, cannot be placed in a box of touch/stimulation and focus on only 2 body parts (or one)! That's why we will bring some awareness there and will dive into more body exploration and try to find ways how to escape the chain of shame as well as our usual patterns and understanding of touch.


  • 18:30 Entering the space (come on time!)

  • 18:50 Temple space opening (you are dressed and ready. Doors closed)

  • 1-1,5 hr Workshop (Bonding & communication, movement exercises)

  • 20:00 - 22:30 Temple Free Flow

  • 23:00 Closing circle and end

We aim to close the space together as a group. No drop in and out (unless personally agreed upon it with me). This is a space of authentic connection - not another anonymous space, talk to me if you need to leave earlier, connect, I know Berlin makes many people feel anonymous and not as important - that's not true - you will be very important to this space and we feel your presence.

Please come already fed. And bring a healthy snack!
I will provide some fruits, tea, and water.

★★★★★ "Safe, warm and playful space that Minty created was way too good, not to join your play temple again and again. The music that surrounded us was a nice wave in the background. The fruits invited to stay and get to know each other at the very beginning. The warming-up games and the followed free flow were super sweet and spicy. I loved it. Thanks for having me. I am looking forward to all the juicy group activities that are coming next. - Malte

🍒 I believe, that learning how to know one's own needs and body better is very important not only in healthy relating and intimate settings but outside of it too. These spaces are designed and dedicated to explore and tap into your own inner authority who is the Boss and the Guardian to tell the world what you want and don't want. Knowing one's own boundaries and having the tools and the language of how to communicate, will expand not only from your intimate settings but as well to your professional and any relational life and that is one of the amazing side effects of working with one's own sexuality.


🍌 Experience in a few Temple nights or other longer S+ consent learning and practicing workshops.*
🍌 STI test (I will not check your papers, but be respectful of the S+ community and test yourself regularly)


You don't need to be a Temple professional BUT you need to be able to represent consensual ways of relating. To be able to slow down and notice everybody's boundaries and needs. Knowing that you don't need to push this event and yourself for a goal of pe.netrative s.ex.
We will NOT do basic consent exercises, we will dive deeper, so that's why I need everyone to be familiar with that.)

★★★★★ "Minty’s Temple was just what I needed! Minty created a safe space and used gentle, yet necessary assertiveness to facilitate the learning and embodying of boundaries around receiving, accepting, taking, and allowing. I support Minty’s mission of creating more non-goal-oriented, safe, and sensual experiences for all to explore themselves and others in ways that oppressive systems around us do not allow in our every day. Thank you, Minty! Your facilitation and created space have allowed me to step into my sovereign power." - Taylor (transformational life coach)

🏹 Get high on interconnectivity. Sensuality, conscious Kink, and play.


🪶 In my spaces, I try my best to select the best compatible group. Which means I do a selection process. Which requires time, energy, and sensitivity. There are no random applicants at my events. I do this to provide a better intimate space for you. ❤️

You will be requested to fill out a short form. Please fill it out intentionally, truthfully, and thoroughly. An application with 4 words of motivation only, will be immediately declined, no questions asked.
If you have participated in Raminta's Temples before, you do not need to fill in the long questions thoroughly. Under the motivation question, please specify in which Temple you've been.

★★★★★ “Minty is a mastermind of creating highly synergistic groups of people. You can tell the amount of care and consideration she puts into this aspect of her temple spaces. As a participant it feels like the perfect constellation of beings, all brought together for the nourishment of the group, all having a very important role in co-creating the energy, flavor, feeling, and transformative quality of the experience.”


Varies between 39 and 69€
I offer a solidary sisterhood price. Read more on the ticketing page

2 different lengths of Advanced Temples in Berlin:
Normal: 4,5hrs
Extended version: 6hrs

Raminta is a humble and wild 'amazon' from the Baltics. Pantarei (somatic coaching) practitioner and extraordinary events' architect. She brings ceremony and ritual into her facilitation. In her events, people feel safe, non-judged and welcomed with their authentic juicy selves.

✨ With a decade of event organization experience, she's adept at curating diverse gatherings, spanning personal development, ecstatic dance, conscious events, temples, psytrance/techno parties, and business-oriented events.

✨ Additionally, Raminta has completed a 100-hour Tantra massage course and has organized and facilitated Temple nights, Temple weekends, and Medicine retreats.

✨ Presently, she focuses on organizing dance and Temple events, offering Somatic Coaching "Pantarei" sessions, and creating graphic and stage designs.

About the facilitator

Glimpse from a Sensual Temple Night in Berlin

Connective & transformative 3 day Temple Retreat in Brandenburg.

Pleasure is your birth right.