Finding the Right Sensual Temple in Berlin: A Guide to Safe and Pleasurable Experiences

When it comes to exploring sensual temples in Berlin, not all experiences are created equal. As someone who has ventured into many of these spaces, I understand the importance of finding the right environment that fosters both comfort and pleasure. From the overall ambiance to the quality of facilitation, various factors contribute to the overall experience.

Annika Tara & Raminta Blinstrubyte

3/24/20243 min read

Firstly, let's talk about the vibe

A good sensual temple should invite a sense of sensuality from the moment you step inside. It should be inviting, cozy, and arousing, creating an atmosphere where you feel embraced by the space. However, it's also crucial that the space isn't too crowded, allowing for intimate connections to form naturally.

No one should ever feel pressured to "do something" to deserve their place in the temple. The true essence lies in honoring oneself and each other, embracing pleasure without obligation.

Attraction and participants

The people present in the temple play a significant role in shaping the experience. It's essential to find a space where you feel a genuine attraction to those around you. Of course, you don't know this when you sign up, but the way the organizer is doing/or not doing a selection process - is a sign of no random participants or random participants.

Whether you're pansexual like me or identify differently, the energy of the attendees reflects the selection process of the facilitators. A balanced mix of individuals seeking connection without desperation contributes to a safer and more enjoyable environment. The composition of the group rests with the facilitator, and it is their responsibility to ensure a harmonious dynamic. Accepting all applicants out of desperation for sign-ups fosters an atmosphere of desperation, leading to discomfort. However, when the facilitator exercises discernment and intentionally selects participants, the atmosphere transforms into a celestial scene. Each individual becomes a twinkling star in their own right, forming constellations of connection that are joyful in their proximity and interactions with others, yet not overshadowed or dominated by any single presence.


Facilitation is another crucial aspect to consider. Skilled/trauma-informed facilitators can make or break the experience. They create a safe yet stimulating container for exploration. This topic is a very charged one and it takes sensitivity and skill to be able to navigate such a loaden and sensitive space. The ability to read the room, support attendees in their needs and desires, and intervene when boundaries are crossed is paramount. A facilitator sets the tone and culture of the sensual temple, shaping its evolution over time. Without a commitment to consent and respect, these spaces can feel uncomfortable, if not outright unsafe.

Finding the right sensual temple in Berlin often involves seeking recommendations from friends. Personal experiences and word-of-mouth play a significant role in discovering spaces aligned with one's values. As a member of an all-women identifying team, I've noticed a distinct difference in the temples we facilitate. Our commitment to integrity and consent creates a space free from hidden agendas, focusing solely on genuine connection and exploration.


In conclusion, not all sensual temples in Berlin are created equal. It's essential to prioritize spaces that prioritize your safety, comfort, and pleasure. By considering factors such as vibe, attendee demographics, and facilitation quality, you can find a temple that aligns with your values and desires. Remember, the journey towards sensual exploration should always be consensual, respectful, and empowering for all involved. Remember that feelings of obligatory sexual engagement is completely against what the intention of temple is: a space to honor yourself, honoring each other, through the practice of pleasure.

It also is crucial to choose a temple suitable for your experience level.

Raminta designs her events in 3 steps for beginners:
1. Reclaim your sexuality - a non-touch 2-day workshop;
2. Beginner Temple night or Intimate Playground Retreat;
3. Advanced Temple

These would be the steps we recommend. Following with the integration process and self-reflection. Remember - this is where most learning happens.

Triggers & sexual healing

In case you get triggered, know that this is part of a healing journey for most of us, it's ok they happen, what is important is to make sure you take a look at those triggers with slowness and love. This you can also do in an individual one-on-one Pantarei session in Berlin or online with Raminta as well.

In case you are seeking to heal your sexual trauma, please - first, go to a sex-positive therapist/psychosomatic practitioner, before you indulge in a group experience such as a Temple.

(Recommendation from Raminta, it might be good to consider, choosing a therapist of the same sex as you, or the opposite of the perpetrator in the past. In general - someone you can trust.)